Connecting your Chargebee account to ProfitWell

Connecting your Chargebee account to ProfitWell is super easy.

  1. Log into ProfitWell and navigate to the integrations tab
  2. Select Chargebee
  3. Navigate over to settings
  4. Add in your Site URL and API Key associated with the Chargebee site
    The site URL is the first part of the domain when you're logged into Chargebee, ie. if the url is, the site name is profitwell

    For the API Key, Navigate to Settings and Configure Chargebee and select API Keys from the configuration list. You'll need to select 'Read- Only Key' with 'All' Permissions.
  5. Wait for your data to ingest into ProfitWell. This process usually takes a couple hours.

Any questions? Reach out to

Also learn the differences between Chargebee and ProfitWell here.

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