Setting up Zuora API-only User

We have a way for you to connect your Zuora account to ProfitWell without needing to use the Connect app — and in fact, this is the preferred method for the time being, as the Connect marketplace has been experiencing some issues lately. 

This involves creating an API-only user in Zuora, which we can then use to ingest your data. 

Creating a Zuora API User 

  1. At the top right of your main Zuora dashboard, click Settings, then Administration Settings

  2. Click Manage Users 

  3. In Manage Users, click the Add Single User button at the top right

  4. On the “Add Single User” form, create a new user with the following credentials.
    Insert your company name where you see “company_name”.

    1. Work Email: 
    2. Login Name:
    3. Zuora Platform Role: API User

    Once you've done this, please email and we'll get you set up! 

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