What data sub-processors do you use?

ProfitWell uses the following sub-processors to power its customer experience:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) — We use AWS as Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS), which means we rent servers from AWS, but AWS does not actually have access to the data on those servers.
  • FullContact — We use FullContact to enrich email addresses with metadata about those customers. While Full Contact does receive email addresses from our system (via an API), those addresses are not associated with any given company nor is any other meta-data passed along.
  • Postmark - We use Postmark to send Retain emails. They do not do any processing logic, and do not have access to the raw customer data, but they would be able to see all of our outgoing email content.
  • Twilio — For customers with Retain SMS Dunning, we use Twilio for sending those text messages through the phone system.

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