Installing the ProfitWell Snippet on Single Page Applications (SPAs)

  1. Load the snippet on the index.html page
​<script ​id​="profitwell-js" ​data-pw-auth​="PUBLIC_API_TOKEN_HERE"​>
/* DO NOT DELETE - this code is used to accept our payments or send data to ProfitWell*/

profitwell('start'​, {});​
  1. After a login event, make a call to profitwell('user_email', 'USER_EMAIL_HERE') from the component.

Referrer Policy

The Referrer-Policy HTTP header controls how much referrer information (sent via the Referrer header) should be included with requests. Aside from the HTTP header, you can set this policy in HTML.

For the ProfitWell snippet to work correctly, you must set the referrer policy to strict-origin.

You can set referrer policies inside HTML. For example, you can set the referrer policy for the entire document with a <meta> element with a name of referrer: <meta name="referrer" content="strict-origin">

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