Setting up Apple Pay with Retain [Stripe]

Adding Apple Pay as an option on Retain's payment forms will greatly reduce the friction of having customers manually enter in payment information, leading to higher recovery rates.

1.For every domain that Retain accepts payment information on, you need to register them with Stripe here . This is necessary because Stripe will communicate these with Apple, who require to know every domain up front for security purposes.

2. You will need to download this file and for every domain you registered above you will need to host it yourself at {domain}/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association. This is so that Apple can be sure you are the owner of the domain and that a malicious third party isn't hijacking the page and trying to request an Apple Pay payment.

3. We will also need for you to provide us with your master secret and publishable keys. This is due to Stripe using the Payment Intents API with Apple Pay, which means we are unable to tie the payment to the invoice using our keys as we did not create the invoice.

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