Why are my numbers in ProfitWell different from Stripe?

There are a number of differences in the methodologies between how ProfitWell and Stripe calculate your metrics.

MRR Differences:

MRR: ProfitWell relies on data from actual user payments. This means we never assume payments in the future are paid, and we take our marching orders from Stripe's event feed. We believe this makes our metrics more accurate, and grounded in the reality of your finances. Click here for more context on MRR.

Discounts and Credits: Stripe does not take into consideration credits and discounts when calculating MRR, while we do. ProfitWell always subtracts discounts and credits in calculating MRR. Click here for more context on the topic of discounts and credits.

Cash Flow Differences

Fees: Stripe deducts fees real-time, while ProfitWell only counts the fees when payouts happen. This is due to the limitation of the data we receive from Stripe, as we only receive the data on fees when you transfer money out of Stripe.

Refunds: ProfitWell, in general, ignores refunds for MRR calculations, unless the refund is for an annual plan and you choose to churn the subscription immediately in Stripe. The one exception here would be if someone starts an annual plan in January this year, and cancels the plan in July, and you decide to refund the prorated amount, then we would reflect that refund in future months' MRR. However, if someone signs up and cancels within the same month, we in general ignore the refunds.

ProfitWell is set up this way because MRR is a momentum metric that gives you an overall feeling on how well you do with your subscription businesses.

That being said, you can always see refunds in your Cash Flow tab (updates once a week for Metrics basic users, and real-time for Metrics Premium users.

Customer Count Differences

Trials: ProfitWell does not include trial customers in customer counts (we do include them in Trials). We define customers strictly as those who are paying for your product or service. For this reason, users who are fully discounted/credited are also not considered customers, as they would have an MRR of $0.

If you still have any additional question, please write in to product@profitwell.com or write to us via our chat box on web and in app. We are always here to help.

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