Metrics Plus

While ProfitWell Metrics are completely free, we offer a paid plan called Metrics Plus to help enhance your experience with metrics.

Email "Metrics Plus" if you're interested.

Metrics Plus includes:

  • fast data updates within 30 - 60 minutes (instead of the 3 - 6 hour wait that exists with Free Metrics)
  • early access to new features
  • priority customer support
  • specialized reporting of your choice:
    • Month-end customers MRR report - Historical Customer MRR by month. Typically useful to aid in revenue recognition.
    • Multi-month customer activity report - Bulk export your monthly subscription changes all at once.
    • Weekly multi-month activity - similar to the above, but on a weekly basis
    • Trial conversions: a list of users who converted into customers, along with the date of conversion - Details of which customers converted to paid plans and when.
    • Cash flow data (one-time payments, etc) - Understand which customers make up one time cashflow.
    • Getting raw data from FullContact on your existing customers -  Export raw demographic data we get from FullContact matches on your customers.

If you have additional requests that fall outside of the scope of these reports, we’d love to hear them. Send us a note and we’ll see how we can help! 

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