Metrics Plus

While ProfitWell Metrics are completely free, we offer a paid plan called Metrics Plus to help enhance your experience with metrics.

Email "Metrics Plus" if you're interested.

Metrics Plus includes:

  • real-time data updates (instead of the 3 - 4 hour wait that exists with Free Metrics)
  • early access to new features
  • priority customer support
  • custom out-of-the-box reports

For custom reports, we can help you get what you are looking for. Here are some of the potential types of reports we can get for you:

  • Any Retain-related performance metrics (including Payment Recovery, Term Optimization, Reactivations, Cancellation flow, and more)
  • Getting raw data from FullContact on your existing customers
  • Cash flow data (one-time payments, etc)
  • A list of all your customers, along with their subscription activity changes over time
  • A list of all your customers and their month-end MRR, organized by month
  • Trial conversions: a list of users who converted into customers, along with the date of conversion
  • Upgrades: a list of all customers who upgraded, the date, the age of the account, and date of last activity 
  • Engagement metrics 

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