Google Sheets Integration via Zapier

Our Google Sheets integration via Zapier offers an alternative to the API, allowing you to add manual customers at scale, rather than using our Customers UI. Through our free Zapier integration, you'll be able to add, churn, upgrade, and downgrade, all with zaps.

(Note that this article assumes you have an active Zapier account)


Use our Google Sheet template linked here and replicate this sheet on your own Google account.


1) Make a zap, and select "Google Sheets" as the trigger.

2) Select "New Spreadsheet Row."

3) Select your Google account and authenticate.

4) Select the ProfitWell Sheet you created above.

5) Pull in a sample row as a test user.


1) Add ProfitWell as an action.

2) Select "Add Customer" as the action.

3) Authenticate by adding your ProfitWell API token (found by clicking the ProfitWell API button within your account here).

4) Map each field to the corresponding field in the Google Sheet.

When complete, these fields should show the data from the test customer from Google Sheets.


Email: The email address of the user. (This can actually be any sort of text, not necessarily an email address. Some prefer to store a name here instead.) This will be the display text that is used on the Customers tab. This field does not uniquely identify a user.

Plan_id: The ID of the plan that the user is on. For the sake of consistency (and the ability to later segment your data), this name should be consistent across everyone who is on this plan.

Plan_interval: The billing cycle for this plan. The two options are "month" and "year".

Value: The amount that you bill your user, per billing period. Keep the value of annual plans unmodified, meaning a $120.00 / year plan should have a value of 120 (assumed USD by default).

Effective_date: YYYY-MM-DD format, denotes when subscription started.

User_alias: Your own identifier for a user, which, by using from the first zap onwards for this specific user, allows you to connect multiple zaps to the same user

Subscription_alias: Your own identifier for this specific subscription, unique to this specific user. This is what you will use to edit the subscription later.

NOTE: If you want to later edit or delete these subscriptions from the Google Sheet rather than the ProfitWell UI, be sure to utilize the same user_alias and subscription_alias fields in all your rows for that user and subscription.

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