Setting up Retain Trial Extensions

Retain can help increase your trial conversion rate.

We intelligently identify which trialing users are least likely to convert and selectively offer them a 1-click UX to extend their trial, leading more of them to convert in the long run.

To set this up, we need to know the following:

  1. How many more days do you want to extend your customers’ trials by? (i.e., 7)
  2. What percent of engaged users would you like to target? (i.e., the bottom 25% of all engaged users) — we recommend offering trial extensions to customers that are least likely to convert.

That’s it! Send this information over us and we’ll then be able to provide your customers with seamless 1-click UX to extend their subscription trial.

Sample emails:

SUBJECT: Your {{company name}} account

Hey {{Name}},

Just a heads up—your free trial for {{company name}} is ending in 3 days.

Figured you might want some more time to explore, so just click here to extend your trial by {{new_trial_duration}} more days.

Let me know if you have any questions!

SUBJECT: Your {{company name}} trial expires tomorrow

Hey {{Name}},

Your free trial for {{Company name}} expires tomorrow. Have you had enough time? Extend your trial by {{new_trial_duration}} more days —100% free.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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