Why is my ProfitWell MRR different from my Stripe MRR?

One question we get asked a lot is on the discrepancy between the MRR shown in ProfitWell and the other billing systems you might be using, such as Stripe.

There are some differences in methodologies in *how* we calculate metrics that make up the difference. For example...

  • Cancelled vs Churn - Stripe deducts MRR immediately , we wait until the end of billing cycle
  • Discounts - Stripe only factors in recurring discounts for MRR, we include any discount or credit, regardless of frequency
  • Metered billing - Stripe does not include metered billing into MRR, we do
  • LTV - Stripe’s is basic (ARPU/Churn), ours is smart
  • Free plans - Ignored by Stripe, we bundle into Trials
  • Customers - we don’t include subscription that start in the future, trialing users, etc..

Accuracy is, have been, and will always be our top priority. If you have any specific question regarding MRR, please don't hesitate to reach out to support as well!

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