Stripe Integration

Considering the number of possible ways to structure metrics, we believe it's important to review how exactly our Stripe integration works, so you can be sure you're structuring your account in a compatible manner.

Upon ProfitWell's initial connection to Stripe, we will process all historical event data related to subscriptions in Stripe, meaning you get access to a full history of your metrics from whenever you started managing your subscriptions in Stripe.

After the initial connection, data is received through an event feed from Stripe, which will include any instances of subscription changes. ProfitWell does not, however, receive information about any edits or deletions you make to prior subscription data, such as if you choose to delete an invoice that occurred in the past.

ProfitWell focuses on subscriptions. If you have one-off line items on an invoice or payments that aren't linked to a subscription, they will be included in Cash Flow, but not in MRR, as the payment fundamentally isn't recurring. In other words, we are looking for an ID beginning with 'sub_', not with 'ch_'.

We always include credits and discounts into your MRR, and you can read more about why here:

We only include refunds if you churn the subscription immediately, which is an option within Stripe.

Instructions on how to Connect Stripe Billing to your ProfitWell Account

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