Google sheets integration

Google Sheets Integration via ProfitWell

The following setup assumes you have an active Zapier account. We will also provide a template for the Google Sheet with the required fields to copy.

  1. Click “Make Zap” in the top right-hand corner of Zapier:
  2. Select “Google Sheets” as the Trigger:
  3. Select “New Spreadsheet Row” as the Google Sheets Trigger:
  4. Select your Google account and authenticate.
  5. Select the Sheet and Tab:
  6. Pull in sample row. This will be a test user we will use to test the integration.
  7. Add an Action/Search:
  8. Add Profitwell as Action:
  9. Select “Add Customer” as Action:
  10. Authenticate with Profitwell. This will require adding your Profitwell API token intp Zapier when requested. This token can be found in Profitwell app in Settings > Integrations:
  1. Map each field to the corresponding field in the Google Sheet:When complete, these fields should show the data from the test customer from Google Sheets.Some notes about individual fields:Plan_id - ID for the plan the user is on. This should be consistent across all users on this plan.Plan_interval - must be “year” or “month”User_alias - your own identifier for a user. This allows you to add multiple subscriptions for a single user.Subscription_alias - you own identifier for this specific subscriptionEffective_date - add to the sheet in the form YYYY-MM-DD
  2. Send test to Profitwell:Possible issues you could run into:- Not all the required fields were correctly mapped or are not in the correct format.- Need to check authentication
  3. Give your Zap a name and activate:
  • Zapier typically runs this Zap roughly every 10 minutes - if there are new users at the bottom of the sheet, it will send those to Profitwell. Updates to the data on users that have already been sent will not update in Profitwell.
  • It usually takes about an hour from when Zapier sends Profitwell your users before you will see them in the app UI. So if you see that the Zap has run successfully, be patient.

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