Logging in with 2 Factor Authentication

Once you’ve enabled Two-Factor Authentication for your ProfitWell account, you’ll be required each time you login to enter a six-digit passcode generated by the phone app you used to set up this feature.  You will be prompted to do this after entering a valid username and password:

To login, go to wherever your ProfitWell credentials are stored in your phone app. You should see an expiring six-digit code code on your phone’s screen. Enter this code and click “Verify” to login to your ProfitWell account.

In addition to the six-digit passcode generated by your phone app, you can use one of the 10 backup codes you were given during the setup process as a last resort. Simply click “Enter a backup recovery code”. To do this instead. Note: each backup code may only be used once and then it will no longer be valid.

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