Setting up Zuora

Setting up Zuora 

  1. Log into Zuora Connect:

  2. Create a new Zuora Login Tenant using your existing Zuora login credentials. Skip this step if you already have a Login Tenant setup

  3. Navigate to the ProfitWell Zuora Connect App:

  4. Click the "Add to Tenant" Button and select the Zuora Login Tenant you want to connect to ProfitWell

  5. After adding the ProfitWell app to your Tenant, you will be asked to create a new "Connector"

    - Enter a name for the connector (e.g. "ProfitWell")

    - Set the Source to be the Login Tenant you want to connect to ProfitWell

    - Set the Target to be your Connect App

    - Click Create

  6. You should automatically be brought to your Connect Tennant's App page. (If not, navigate to your Tenants page, choose a tenant, and click Apps button)
    Find the ProfitWell App and Click the "Launch" button
  7. You should now see the ProfitWell interface in Zuora. Follow and complete any sign up prompts. You are finished when your data begins importing and you see the screen below. We will email you when your data has finished importing and your dashboard is ready.

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