What should I do if my data is wrong or incomplete?

Occasionally, when using our native integrations, ProfitWell users won't have a full picture of their data— this can occur as a result of moving to invoice customers outside the integrated subscription management system, where the payment won't be recognized and the customer will show as churned, or switching customers over to the integrated subscription management system after the subscription had actually started, which will result in inaccurate historical data.

We believe that the data coming from an integration should be the primary source of truth for your company's financials, and as a result, we don't support editing this subscription data.

With that in mind, our recommended fix for this situation is to remove the integrated customer from our platform, and replace them with a manual customer. Here's how:

1) From your Data Settings page within your Settings tab, 'exclude' the integration customer by email. Once this step is complete, all traces of this customer will be erased from ProfitWell. (If you need customers excluded in bulk, you can contact us via live chat in-app).

2) From your Customers tab, create a new manual customer, and input the correct subscription history. You can create the first subscription, value, and effective date, save the customer, and then for any further changes, click into the specific customer's page and then edit. Repeat this for as many steps as needed to capture the full subscription history of the customer.

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