Customer details for Intercom

Here is a breakdown of data pushed from ProfitWell into Intercom (for associated Customer and Company, if available).

  • Customer ID: This unique ID matches the ID from your subscription management solution, or the one you assigned yourself.
  • First Name: First name will be pulled from FullContact by ProfitWell if the data exists.
  • Last Name: Last name will be pulled from FullContact by ProfitWell if the data exists.
  • MRR: Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of each existing customer will be synced from ProfitWell into Intercom, in the designated display currency. (note: within Intercom, it will be an unformatted number unless you "edit property" and change it to "Currency" format).
  • Plans: Subscription plans of all customers will be synced with Intercom from ProfitWell through the live data feed.
  • Status: Subscription plan status of all customers will be displayed in one of the following forms: active, trialing, cancelled, churned_trial, churned_voluntary, churned_delinquent.
  • Created On: The date a user was originally created; it may not necessarily represent the first instance of a paying transaction (e.g. individuals on trials also count as users).
  • Activated On: The date a user becomes an actively paying customer, as reflected through the billing system.
  • Churned On: The date of a customer's most recent churn; it represents the end of the final billing cycle after a customer cancels.
  • Engagement: The quartile of customer activity, based on the total number of logins within the last 30 days.
  • Total Spend: The total revenue a customer has paid you in his/her lifetime (includes recurring revenue, along with one-time payments, etc.- essentially cash flow)


This integration maps customer data properties to both the customer and company level, if known. If customer email within ProfitWell doesn't match the customer email within Intercom, then the data will not be successfully matched and pushed through.

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