Setting up Retain Term Optimization

Annual plans drastically reduce churn. Here's the data.

Term Optimization can either upgrade your customers from monthly > quarterly plans or monthly > annual plans.


1. Duplicate the template provided here and record which monthly plan ids correlate to which annual plan ids. If you are on Stripe, you can find the plan id by selecting into Products> Plan Name> then copying the API ID. Plan mappings helps us calculate the appropriate discount value for each customer.

Products page:

API id location:

2. What you would like to optimize for- less churn, increased revenue, or both. This article may help you figure out who you want to target.

3. Do you want us to email users, use in-app notifications, or both.

4. [Optional] Want to turn on Rollback Recovery? You'll need to have Retain Payment Recovery in order to use this feature.

Contact us at with this information to talk to one of our Product Managers if you're not already in touch with one of our team members.

Term optimization email to customers.

Confirmation modal for customers to upgrade their subscription.

In-app notification offering customers an upgrade to an annual plan.

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