Retain and Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) for Stripe

What ProfitWell needs from you:

If you're interested in how Retain actually works with SCA, keep reading.

Due to limitations with Stripe's Payment Intents API, we will temporarily need your standard API keys. We need this in order to process payments securely with an amazing customer experience,

These can be found on your Stripe dashboard inside the Developers node on the left navigation bar, on the API keys page. We will need both your publishable key and your secret key. You can share this information with us at We also support other encrypted methods (Keybase etc..)

We will then enable SCA to your account.

How Retain works with Secure Customer Authentication:

There are two components to Retain's UX—

  1. The emails and in app notifications
  2. The UX of the forms

The email and in-app copy for users that require SCA will remain the same. However, we're working closely with a subset of users that require SCA and various customer success teams to ensure customers are educated around what is expected of them. Should we need to add additional instructions or clarity to the email copy for these users, we'll add that based on the feedback received. 

To see the email copy of the emails that are being sent today, you can preview all of them in your control center. 

However, the UX of the forms will require an additional authentication step for users that require SCA. Once a user enters in their updated payment information, we'll direct them to their phone to finish authentication.

Courtesy of Stripe

In the event they do not submit additional verification, they will remain in a past due state. In your Stripe re-try settings, you can have Stripe go after customers that fail this extra step. Adding Retain support for these customers is on the roadmap.

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